Application of Vertical Grinding Mill in Cement Production

From:Clirik    Date:2014-10-07 10:07

Application of vertical grinding mill in cement production is becoming more and more popular in industry especially in the construction area.

The development of mining industry makes the technology of vertical grinding mill more and more advanced.  We are having more powder grinding process, which prompted the super fine powder mill industry application to become  wider and wider. In order to meet the demand of mechanical properties of fine powder industry, constant development of new products in milling machinery factory, especially the vertical grinding mill, is under the background of this research and development of a new generation of powder grinding equipment. And vertical grinding mill is widely used in a large number of heavy industry, building, metallurgy, ore, etc. Meanwhile , the  vertical grinding mill is most widely used in the cement manufacturing.

The biggest difference between vertical grinding mill in cement and other powder grinding equipment,such as Alunite micronizer, is the material to be processed.  In addition, the vertical grinding mill is running the motion along the horizontal circular trajectory in mill, through the external pressure on roller of vertical, making  the mill effect on the material by extruding and shearing action, to crush down any material.
vertical grinding mill

Vertical grinding mill in the cement application exists quite a lot of advantages than other kinds of milling equipment. First of all, the vertical mill of vertical mechanism design, covers an area of smaller equipment quality light, the advantages of lower power consumption and long life of wearing parts,  will completely replace the traditional tube mill;On the other hand, the vertical mill into grinding particle size increases greatly, two hundred millimeters, and cancel the second stage crushing according to their own needs. The vertical grinding mill infrastructure investment is low,  letting out little noise, it is the embodiment of human nature, modern equipment; Finally, vertical grinding mill has more environmental protection, and the vertical grinding mill can change for the quickly composite operation with a preheater without any increase in the amount of dust situations by direct operation.In dry grinding process. We are able to comprehensively use the low temperature gas from suspension preheater, the advantageous production. At the same timeto it owns security operation to personnel problems. 

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