Slag vertical roller mill status quo

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Slag high grinding technology is only the development of new technology over the past decade. For the current "green building" new technology, many domestic and foreign companies and institutes already have a mature technology. Slag grinding systems used all over the word include: ball mill milling system, roller presses milling system, the final roller press grinding system and vertical roller mill system.
Slag vertical grinding mill system is the system widely used in recent years, and this slag vertical grinding mill system is developing rapidly. This slag vertical roller mill system is simple, slag vertical mill set drying, grinding, separator as a whole. High grinding efficiency, low unit power consumption, strong drying capacity. Thus very suitable for high moisture slag, hard grind requirements, vertical grinding mill system is the future trend of development. 
In the vertical grinding mill system, the most critical equipment is slag vertical roller mill. Currently the world has been put into this kind of vertical roller mill a total of more than 100 units. Production of slag vertical roller mill main manufacturers are: Khabarovsk Syracuse's RM mill, Loesche mill LM, LM Ube mill, the Kobe Steel's OK mill, Kawasaki CK grinding. Basically in china, the vertical roller mill manufactures introduce product from above companies.
Shanghai Clirik is currently the most important large-scale vertical roller mill manufacturer, developed a number of innovative specifications HRM vertical roller mill, including market widely HRM3626 vertical roller mill and the largest capacity 5000 tons per year vertical roller mill, the HRM4531 vertical roller mill. HRM series vertical roller mill plant on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, developed for grinding slag, to solve the "stable material bed to prevent vibration," "iron mill", "grinding roller and disc wear, "" high efficiency separator "and other key technical difficulties.
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