Cement Vertical Roller Mill Technology and Notes Need Pay Attention

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Vertical Roller Mill used for cement grinding, which is called cement vertical roller mill, also called cement vertical milling machine. Cement vertical roller mill produced by Shanghai Clirik Machienry is to solve the low industrial cement vertical roller mill output, energy consumption and higher technical problems. This new cement vertical roller mill absorbs European advanced technology, combines our years of design and manufacture of advanced mill concept and market demand.
This cement vertical Roller mill uses a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced process, set drying, grinding, separator, improve integration, especially in the large-scale grinding process, to fully meet customer needs. The main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level.
This cement vertical Roller mill is also an air swept mill, ventilation should be appropriate. Insufficient wind, qualified raw material can not be brought out, the material layer thickness, increase the amount of slag, equipment load is high, lower yields; the wind is too large, the material layer is too thin, the impact of the mill stable operation
So, there must have a certain amount of ventilation to match the mill and yield, not so large or so small, must be stable.
In principle, the ventilation rate selected by the operator, should be more conducive to maintaining relative stability prevail mill load, and seeks to minimize vibration, slagging least expected, the highest yield and best quality.
In actual operation, the operator fan speed according to trends, current, pressure, volume of feed, import and export of negative pressure, temperature and other variables, to understand the operation of the mill, combined with the mill vibration, the amount of slag, product quality and other adjustments, typically by adjusting the opening of the circulating fan speed and flap in order to achieve optimum ventilation.
Another important factor is the stable operation of the cement vertical roller mill material bed stability. Material layer is stable, wind, air pressure and volume of feed to stabilize, or we need to maintain the material thickness by adjusting the air volume and the volume of feed. If you do not adjust in time which will cause vibrations increase, the motor load increases or system stop jumping and other issues.

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