Blast Furnace Slag Application and Vertical Powder Grinding Mill

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Blast furnace slag is a waste slag discharged from smelting of pig iron blast furnace. When smelting pig iron in the blast furnace, we need add iron ore and fuel (coke), a flux.
When the furnace temperature reached 1400 to 1600 ℃, the flux react with iron ore and produce pig ore and slag. Blast furnace slag composes of gangue, ash, flux and other impurities that can not enter iron ore, is a kind of eutectic mixture.

Blast furnace slag application:
Blast furnace slag can be processed into a variety of valuable materials with multiple uses.
Processed into slag gravel can replace natural sand as concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete below No. 500 aggregate; As the auxiliary materials of concrete aggregate operating temperature below 700 ℃ heat, requiring abrasion resistance, slip of the highway, Speedway , runways and other auxiliary materials; AS railroad ballast, to fill trenches and foundation cushion filler, sewage treatment and other media.
Blast furnace slag fine with plenty of water after water quenching, can be made mainly containing vitreous, a potential hydraulic cementitious properties in cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other activator effect, show water Yingjiao coagulation performance, high-quality cement raw materials. China's production of cement, 70% to 80% mixed with different amounts of water residue. Slag fine aggregate insulation material also for families, wet grinding and wet slag, concrete and road works; soil improvement materials.
Hot melt slag can be processed into porous expanded slag, by crushing, sieving become lightweight aggregate concrete, can be processed into containing porous, smooth surface, the particle sizes - expandable beads. Expandable beads are high quality lightweight aggregate concrete, slag expansion ratio can save 20% of cement; cement mixing materials can be made, road materials, insulation materials.
Blowing with compressed air or high pressure steam injection flow of hot melt slag, slag wool can be prepared. As insulation, sound absorption, fire prevention materials and other purposes.
In addition. blast furnace slag can be used as raw material cast stone, glass, fertilizer, enamel, ceramic, etc..

Blast furnace slag powder grinding mill:
Shanghai Clirik Machinery, 24 year experience in grinding field.
Blast Furnace Slag Ultrafine Vertical Powder Grinding Mill, the fineness can adjusted from D97=30 mesh to D97=2500 mesh, capacity and get 1-30 t/h.
Blast furnace large capacity vertical grinding mill, the capacity can get 10-400 t/h.
Your satisfaction is always our pursuing.

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