What if your vertical roller body has been worn

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In the process of using, vertical roller body of the vertical mill and wear-resisting lining will cause wearing due to receiving the roller grinding pressure, material force, friction between material and roller lining board.The combined action caused by grinding material into the angle of roller shear stress, the hydraulic system pressure of roller mill and the apparent comprehensive force of vertical mill are all acting on the effective  crushing area.

Once the gap appears,impact collision will happen between the main unit and lining board, which makes serious wearing between ontology and liner wear. What's more, it will cause lining crack and even broken, sheathing loss, machine damage, especially the damage of reducer, such kind of malignant events.

The problem once happened, it is difficult to solve through repair methods generally. Dismount, welding, processing will cost a lot of time and greatly extend the the shutdown time, which brings huge economic loss beyond retrieve.

Aiming at these problems,Europe and the United States and other developed countries fast repair the wear body by using polymer composite materials with excellent mechanical properties and good plasticity,which makes the problem be solved satisfactorily.This can not only prolong the service life of equipment, increase productivity, but also do not take up additional production downtime when avoiding the problem of the second possibility simply and effectively to escort continuous safety production for enterprises.

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