What are the equipment for the Diatomite milling line?

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In recent years, many new indoor and outdoor coatings and decoration materials using diatomaceous earth as raw materials have become more and more popular among consumers at home and abroad. Diatomaceous earth is a kind of mineral with high utilization value, but in order to make it more fully utilized, it is necessary to use the milling production line for the grinding of diatomaceous in order to be widely applied to various fields. A brief introduction to the equipment used in the diatomaceous milling line.
Diatomite milling line

1. jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is a primary crushing operation for diatomaceous. Since the device does not have any restrictions on the size of the raw material, it is often used as a primary device, and its advantages are not available in other devices.

2.Raymond mill

Raymond mill is a very advanced diatomaceous milling equipment. The grinding powder of the other side has certain pertinence, and the grinding effect is currently good on the market. Its advantages are as follows.

3. Electromagnetic vibration feeder

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used to uniformly supply the diatomaceous from the storage bin to the receiving device. The device has the characteristics of simple operation, small investment, high automation, small wear of the accessories, etc. It is a very good feeding material. device.
Diatomite milling line

4.bucket elevator

The bucket elevator is also a kind of conveying equipment, which is just a kind of equipment for vertically conveying diatomaceous. The equipment has the characteristics of less wear, good performance, stable operation, long service life, wide lifting range, less environmental pollution and low noise. Play an important role in diatomaceous milling line.

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