What are the characteristics of the micro powder grinding mill?

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High technology has brought about tremendous changes in our lives and has made our lives rich and colorful. High-tech products linger around our lives. In the milling industry, high-tech has gradually transformed the traditional Raymond mill into the micro powder grinding mill, ultrafine vertical grinding roller mill, high-pressure grinding mill, etc., which meets the requirements for fineness and output of non-metallic ore raw materials. Higher requirements also provide more and more valuable powder for our high quality life. The processing of ultrafine powder is inseparable from the high-tech product – micro powder grinding mill.
What are the high-tech technologies contained in the micro powder grinding mill? Its biggest feature lies in a fine word. The earliest used Raymond mill can be processed to 80 mesh. We feel that the fineness is already high, but with the continuous development of high technology, the processing fineness of the mill is from 80 mesh to 325 mesh, followed by processing 2000. The purpose of the mill, up to now can be processed to 3500 mesh ultra-fine vertical grinding equipment. Even in the near future, a common sand around us will be a "smart dust." The ultra-fine powder produced by high-tech milling equipment will bring more possibilities to our lives.
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If the biggest feature of the micro powder grinding mill is the high processing precision, then his biggest advantage is that the cost performance is very high. For an ore powder processing plant, if a mill can only process one or several ores, the benefits that this mill can create are far from enough, and a comprehensive one is very strong. The mill is the best choice for ore powder processing plants. The high cost performance of the ultra-fine mill is reflected in this. He can process more than 100 kinds of materials such as calcite, limestone, dolomite, carbon black, kaolin, bentonite and talc, which can meet the various production needs and fineness requirements of users. .
Technology is still evolving, and today's high technology may become the tradition of tomorrow. Therefore, as a professional manufacturer of ore milling equipment, Shanghai Clirik will continue to invest in the research and development and production of ultrafine powder equipment. The majority of users present a more cost-effective mill. Welcome new and old customers to Shanghai Clirik to buy milling equipment.

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