Internals Wearing Parts of Vertical Mill

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As we all know, the maintenance work of wearing parts in vertical mill is the key to save cost. So that, if we can take a good maintenance work for our vertical mill. Not only can reduce the cost of maintenance, but also can enhance the efficiency of the machine.

The serving life of wearing parts dominates by abrasion of vertical mill internals. The most important internals in a vertical mill are the rollers and tires and rings. The rollers are fixed around the ring. A vertical mill is named according to the axis upon which it rotates. The material to be ground is fed into the mill from its top and ground in the grinding chamber. By the centrifugal force, the grinding rollers are pressed closely upon the grinding ring and grind the material fed into the mill as they roll. The qualified material will leave the mill with the airflow while the unqualified one will be brought back to the grinding chamber for another round of grinding.

vertical mill
Our vertical mill wearing parts have three different alloys to meet different abrasion conditions. For the rollers, we also have different raw material to meet different hardness raw material grinding. These products offer significant improvements in working life compared to components using conventional alloys.

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