Wear problem of roller body in Vertical mill

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Vertical grinding mill roller body and a wear resistant lining plate in the use of the process, due to the friction between the roller and the pressure roller material force, material and grinding roller lining board; the material ground into the angle caused by the mutual comprehensive view the role of pressure stress force of the grinding roller shearing force, the hydraulic system pressure of roller mill and the mill table, these forces are acting on the vertical mill and effective compaction zone.

vertical grinding mill

Once appear, with the gap between the body and the liner will impact the collision occurred between the body and the liner wear intensifies, serious makes lining cracks and even rupture, causing liner off the machine damage, especially the damage caused by the malignant event reducer. Once this kind of problem occurs, the general repair method is difficult to solve. Disassembly, welding and machining are time-consuming and laborious, and the downtime and shutdown time are greatly prolonged, which brings huge economic losses to enterprises.

In view of the above problems, developed countries such as Europe and America use polymer composite materials for the rapid restoration of vertical grinding mill bodies. Among them, the more sophisticated "lucky blue" series are used. With its excellent mechanical properties and good plasticity, the material has been satisfactorily solved. Not only can prolong the service life of equipment, improve productivity, and without the use of additional production downtime at the same time, simple and effective to avoid the possibility of the two problems, to the enterprise continuous production safety escort.

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