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There are many accessories for vertical milling machine, such as grinding rollers, grinding rings, blade holders, grinding roller shafts, analyzer blades, and plum blossom stands. The efficient operation of the entire set of vertical milling machine depends on the full cooperation of the various vertical milling machine components, so the use of mill accessories, maintenance and maintenance knowledge, operating points, etc. must be known.
Vertical milling machine is a special equipment for fine powder processing. To ensure the operation of the equipment, we must start from daily and do maintenance work. The vertical milling machine to be mentioned here includes Raymond vertical mill equipment, high pressure vertical mill equipment, micro powder vertical mill equipment, ultrafine vertical roller mill equipment, etc., because of its principle Roughly the same, so maintenance is basically the same.
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In the process of using the vertical milling machine, the grinding roller body and the wear-resistant lining board, once there is a matching gap, the abrasion between the body and the lining board will be aggravated. The groove is generated, and an impact collision occurs between the body and the lining plate. In severe cases, the lining plate is cracked or even broken, and the machine is damaged, especially the reduction gear is damaged, causing a vicious event. The general repair method of this kind of problem is difficult to solve, and its replacement cost is high. Generally, it is necessary to choose a better material to make it before use to reduce the friction between the grinding roller and the liner. When the wall thickness is about 10mm, it is necessary to replace the parts of the vertical milling machine.
The assembly requirements of the roller bearings of the vertical milling machine are relatively strict. Enterprises generally adopt the method of cooling the bearings in dry ice for assembly. Once there is a gap between the bearing and the bearing chamber, it will affect the normal operation of the bearing, cause the bearing to heat up, and in severe cases will cause the bearing to burn. Inspect the equipment regularly and repair it in time. Lubricant is regularly applied to the parts that need to be lubricated to reduce damage between equipment parts.

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