Common Problems in Vertical Roller Mill Grinding Parts

As we all know, vertical roller mill plays an important role in improving the production efficiency of enterprises. At the same time, it is favored by many cement enterprises because of its advantages such as energy saving and small land occupation. However, there are some problems which emerges easily that affect the production efficiency of this machine. For users of vertical mills, it is well-known that the regular maintenance is definitely required after work. And the change of the quick-wear parts in time also cannot be ignored. However, some other problems still exist, such as the wearing of vertical roller mill’s body and its bearing parts, and the oil leak of its reduction gears. These problems are easily to be ignored and cannot be solved quickly.

vertical roller mill

Facing the intensely competitive market today, the requirements for vertical roller mill is higher and higher. Therefore, the safe operation and timely maintenance of this machine is urgently needed.
Now, let us have a look of the most frequent problems.
The first is its non-standard installation.
The second one is that the regular maintenance is absent.
The third is the roller sheet is unqualified or the adjustment of force when changing the sheet is not suitable.
The fourth is about the environment. The temperature for the machine’s work or installation place is better not too high and it must keep dry.

From an objective perspective, vertical roller mill is not easy to be disassembled for its huge volume and meanwhile, this means that its maintenance will cost much when problems emerges. But what can we do if it does not work well? In my opinion, it is necessary that operating the machine according to its operation specifications. Regular maintenance and change for the quick-wear parts are needed.