New Technology of Vertical Grinding Mill

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With time goes by, there is some new technology of vertical grinding mill appear. Clirik wants to share some new technology and the structure of vertical grinding mill with you.

First, the new technology of vertical grinding mill

Using the new dynamic and static separator, its high efficiency separator, rotary vane speed frequency control, fineness adjustment range. To reduce air leakage rotary vane separator amount, thereby enhancing the efficiency and stability of the election powder fineness, fineness and stable yields of vertical grinding mill.

Second, the structure of vertical grinding mill

Grinding roller and disc watts of vertical grinding mill use the optimized design of the typical rate. In the material for milling process is automatically formed booster and high pressure grinding zone area, and efficient completion of the grinding process. Role pressurized area is compacted bulk material quickly and complete the initial crushing and grinding. In the high-pressure grinding zone final materials and efficient completion of the grinding operation.

vertical grinding mill

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional vertical grinding mill factory. We can supply high efficiency vertical grinding mill for our customers. If you want to know more details and new technology to our vertical grinding mill. You can contact us. Our engineers would reply your question.

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