How does Raymond vertical mill better adapt to the high temperature operating environment in summer?

On a hot summer day, it is hard for us to stand under the sun for 5 minutes. But for Raymond vertical mill, in addition to overcoming the high temperature, it had to overcome the heat generated by the non-stop operation for more than ten hours. The effect of high temperature is not only on the machine itself,  It also has a great influence on the ground material. Therefore, in the face of high temperature and intolerable weather, how to reduce the impact of high temperature on the output of Raymond vertical mill is a compulsory course for customers every year.

How does Raymond vertical mill better adapt to high temperature working environment?

1. First, a professional operator must thoroughly clean the Raymond vertical mill, including the grinding roller, grinding ring, powder collector, motor, fan, dust removal equipment and ancillary equipment pipes in the main machine. Any place that can be cleaned is required. Because during the use of the mill, it is inevitable that there will be materials remaining in the fuselage, and a comprehensive cleaning can ensure that all components are in normal working conditions.
Note: After the roller grinding device has been used for more than 550 hours, the rolling bearing should be cleaned in time.
2. After the meticulous cleaning, the next thing to do is to do a good job in the inspection of each link of the Raymond grinding. As long-term use will inevitably loosen and fall off the screws in various parts of the fuselage, you must be careful during the inspection.
3. List the common faults of the Raymond vertical mill into a table, carry out troubleshooting and maintenance one by one, and increase the frequency of inspections, and pay attention to whether the same problem has occurred during each inspection, to avoid major problems with the machine.
Note: It is necessary to clearly know the scrap limit of each wearing part. For example, the scrap limit of the grinding roller and ring is that the wall thickness should not be less than 10 mm.

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4. When shutting down, follow the normal shutdown procedure-stop feeding first, and the host will continue to work, so that the remaining abrasive will continue to be milled. After about one minute, you can turn off the host motor and analyzer motor to stop the grinding work. Then stop the fan motor, to blow away the remaining powder.
5. Regular maintenance of the whole machine, replace the necessary parts in accordance with the instructions.
6. In high temperature weather,  Raymond vertical mills that use butter, it is best to choose high temperature resistant butter. If you use regular butter, be sure to check whether it is short of oil frequently. In low-temperature weather, the Raymond vertical mill can run non-stop throughout the day, but in high-temperature environments, it is recommended to stop the equipment for a period of rest at noon. Users who really can't stop, must check the equipment frequently. The equipment generates more heat in a high-temperature environment, at this time, the butter and accessories may not be durable. In high temperature weather, the voltage is unstable or low in many places, at this time, you must always observe the current situation and do not fluctuate high and low, so that the motor is easily damaged.
Raymond mills, also known as Raymond vertical mills, Raymond bowl mills, and pulverizers, are common industrial milling equipment and have irreplaceable market value in mineral milling. Many mining machinery and equipment manufacturers have made a lot of improvements on the basis of traditional Raymond mills, which have greatly improved the performance and efficacy. The field of processing materials has become more and more extensive, and it has truly achieved the advancement with the times. Meet customer needs more diversified and have very good development prospects.