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What is Gypsum?

Speaking of plaster, everyone is familiar with it: the chalk written on the blackboard, the white statues in the art gallery, the fixing materials for the bandaging of fractures... But don’t forget that plaster is also a member of the mineral family. Natural gypsum is not the white powder that we are familiar with. The gypsum in the stratum is usually white or colorless and transparent crystals, or it appears light red, light gray, light yellow and other colors due to impurities. Usually in block, plate, column or fiber shape, or form crystal clusters.
The appearance of plaster is cold and hard, and the hand feels smooth and warm. Because of its loose crystal structure, it becomes one of the softest minerals. With a Mohs hardness of 2, we can engrave an imprint on it with our fingernails, so people simply put it on The mined gypsum is ground into powder for processing or use.
Gypsum mines are widely distributed all over the world. At present, gypsum in the world is mainly distributed in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Britain, Spain, China, etc. In ancient times, these places were often dry inland lakes or enclosed bays. The water containing calcium sulfate and other minerals continuously flows into it and evaporates in a large amount, causing the minerals in the water to gradually precipitate and precipitate, and finally enrich to form gypsum. 

What is Gypsum Powder?

Gypsum powder is a gel material, widely used in many application fields such as construction, building materials, industrial molds and art models, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing and medicine and beauty. It is an important industrial raw material, usually white and colorless. Sometimes it is gray, light yellow, light brown and other colors due to impurities.
gypsum powder

Classification of Gypsum Powder:

1. Gypsum powder can be divided into phosphogypsum powder, desulfurized gypsum powder, citric acid gypsum powder and fluorogypsum powder according to different physical components.
2. According to different colors, gypsum powder can be divided into: red gypsum powder, yellow gypsum powder, green gypsum powder, green gypsum powder, white gypsum powder, blue gypsum powder, colored gypsum powder, etc.
3. According to different physical characteristics, gypsum powder can be divided into: dolomitic gypsum powder, clay gypsum powder, chlorite gypsum powder, alabaster powder, talc gypsum powder, sandy gypsum powder and fiber gypsum powder, etc.
4. Gypsum powder can be divided into gypsum powder for building materials, gypsum powder for chemical industry, gypsum powder for molds, gypsum powder for food, and gypsum powder for casting.

What Is Gypsum Powder Used For

1. Leveling the wall
Gypsum powder has good adhesion and is not easy to fall off. It is generally used for basic treatment in decoration, such as filling in gaps, straightening the yin and yang angles, and finding equalization for the first time putty on the wall of the rough house.
The plastered plaster can bond well with various wall substrates, and the plastered walls will not appear hollow and cracked. The plastered plaster walls are delicate and smooth, with high strength, no shrinkage, no alkali reversion, no cracks, and certain fire resistance.
gypsum wallboard 

2. Make gypsum cement
Adding a proper amount of activator can produce anhydrite cement or cementitious material, which is suitable for the reinforcement of soft soil foundation, wall painting, mechanical model, tunnel support and production of fiber pressure board, etc.
make gypsum cement 

3. Other functions
Gypsum powder can be used as the main raw material of concrete expansion agent, anti-cracking agent, self-leveling mortar, and as a composite mineralizer in the production of special cement.

How To Make Gypsum Powder?

Gypsum powder has a wide range of applications, which of course cannot be separated from the help of grinding equipment, which plays an important role in this type of production line. The processing technology of gypsum powder in the construction field is mature. The core grinding equipment in this type of production line is the raymond vertical mill. The raymond vertical mill not only meets the environmental protection requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, but also can realize automatic control. The finished gypsum powder produced by the production has good quality and stable performance, and the operating cost of the production line is low.

Gypsum Powder Processing Process:

1. Crushing: First, the large pieces of gypsum are initially crushed by the jaw crusher, so that the large pieces of material are turned into small pieces. Then the coarsely crushed materials are sent to the impact crusher for further fine crushing, and the finely crushed materials are put into the storage bin by the bucket elevator to wait for grinding.
2. Grinding: Use the feeder to make the material evenly and quantitatively, and continuously replace the inside of the Raymond vertical mill. The grinding roller device suspended on the plum blossom frame of the main machine rotates vertically and vertically while rotating at the same time. Due to the centrifugal force during rotation Function, the grinding roller moves and moves tightly against the grinding ring, so that the shovel blade scoops up the material to enter between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and achieves the purpose of crushing the material due to the rolling and rolling of the grinding roller.
3. Winnowing: The fan blows the wind into the main frame, and the ground powder is carried by the wind, and then sorted by the analyzer above the grinding chamber. The coarser materials fall into the grinding chamber for grinding again. The compliant product enters the cyclone collector with the wind flow, and is discharged through the powder outlet after being collected, which is the finished product of gypsum powder.

Why Choose YGM Raymond Vertical Mill for Gypsum Powder Making:

YGM Raymond vertical mill is an upgraded version independently researched and developed by our company. Regarding to the YGM series Raymond roller mill, under the sufficient grind force, the rollers is reduced and the grind space can be increased. The material layer filled better between the roller and ring, the attrition between rollers and rings is low, and the vibration and noise are also reduced, at the same time, the resistance of airflow of the fan becomes less. Winds can flow freely, thus the winds increase greatly, which determines the increase in the production volume. The production volume is 20% to 30% higher than R Raymond mill.

YGM Raymond vertical Mill has higher Accuracy powder Classify, without coarseness missing, Variable frequency Squirrel cage classifier(Patent product) is adopted, the accuracy is 80-600 meshes. The classify efficiency reached 99%. 
raymond vertical mill

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