Detailed introduction about the advantages of activated carbon Raymond vertical mill

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What kind of equipment can help grinding activated carbon? The new activated carbon Raymond pulverizer is an environmentally-friendly equipment for increasing production provided by the professional manufacturer Clirik. The powder that can be pulverized is between 80-400 mesh. Clirik's activated carbon Raymond vertical mill produces powders with uniform fineness, high productivity, low energy consumption, and excellent particle shape, which are very popular.
Understand the market prospects of activated carbon
Activated carbon is a black block or powder, granular, honeycomb, etc. Its main characteristics are adsorption and catalysis. After effective treatment, it has high use value and can be widely used in production and life.
About activated carbon Raymond vertical mill
The professional Raymond mill equipment used for grinding activated carbon powder is a mill equipment developed by Clirik with great concentration. It can produce 80-400 mesh powder. The equipment covers a number of patented technologies. Compared with traditional mills, it can increase production by 40%. Above, the unit power consumption cost can be saved by more than 30%. It is a professional grinding machine with 80-400 mesh.
Raymond vertical mill
Advantages of Raymond Vertical Mill
What are the advantages of this Raymond mill? This equipment effectively increases the unit production capacity of a single unit and reduces unit energy consumption. It is a special grinding equipment for non-metallic mineral powders such as talc, dolomite, marble, titanium dioxide, bauxite, quartz stone, and feldspar.
a. More reliable performance
The equipment adopts plum blossom frame and vertical pendulum grinding roller device, which has more advanced structure, lower vibration and low noise, which can obtain higher social and economic benefits.
b. More environmentally friendly
The remaining air outlet is equipped with a pulse dust collector, which has higher dust collection efficiency, up to 99%, and can realize dust-free processing.
c, high efficiency and energy saving
The processing capacity of materials per unit time is larger, and the efficiency is higher. It is a truly efficient and energy-saving environmentally friendly noise reduction grinding machine.
d, easy to maintain
The equipment adopts a brand-new sealing structure design, the replacement of the grinding ring does not need to remove the grinding roller device, and the maintenance is more convenient.
Raymond vertical mill
What is the principle of activated carbon Raymond vertical mill?
What is the principle of the Raymond vertical mill equipment? The complete equipment system of the new Raymond mill equipment developed by Clirik mainly includes the main engine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electronic control system, collection system, etc. The technological process can include several steps such as crushing, grinding, grading, and collecting powder.
a. Crushing: The material is crushed into the granularity that meets the specifications by the jaw crusher.
b. Grinding powder: The material is sent into the main machine cavity for grinding, and is thrown between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The grinding and grinding effect is achieved due to the grinding of the grinding roller.
c. Classification: The ground powder is blown by the airflow of the blower to the classifier above the host for classification.
d. Powder collection: Those who are too coarse will still fall into the main machine for regrind, those who meet the specifications will flow into the cyclone collector with the wind, and the finished product will be discharged through the powder pipe after collection (the finished product size can be as high as 0.008mm).
Please feel free to come to Clirik, the R&D and manufacturer of Raymond pulverizers, to learn more about the advantages of activated carbon Raymond mill equipment, process flow, selection plan, product quotation and other details. For more exciting information, please contact us for details.

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