Carbon black industry development prospects and processing

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In the past year, the situation is already apparent, there are a lot factories invest carbon black processing, even if not yet fully implemented.
Tire demand growth: carbon black industry development catalyst
Currently, the auto industry is developing rapidly. The rapid development of automobile industry has led to the development of the tire industry; and carbon black as the second largest tire production of raw materials, but also to fully benefit from the development of the tire industry, tire industry served as a catalyst for the development of the carbon black industry. On the one hand, radial tires in recent years, the focus of the country to promote tire products, based on the development of a radial tire, low rolling resistance developed for energy saving and environmental protection, black green tire needs, will be the focus of enterprises need to overcome. On the other hand, in order to meet the rapid development of the tire industry, the domestic carbon black enterprises should seize the opportunity, in large-scale equipment, advanced on an issue, make the new reactor development, and effectively improve the comprehensive utilization.
Urgent needs: We need more information to assess the key factors driving the growth in demand for carbon black
Carbon black industry needs to produce more detailed data than is currently available to tire. If not,, passenger tires and truck tires bike tires distinction, it is impossible to make any kind of assessment of the tire production scale. The total amount of various types of tires do not tell us anything meaningful.
Carbon black industry outlook is more important, but the amount of rubber tire industry consumed annually. Most tire producing countries such data can be obtained, and provide an assessment of any particular country black tire industry demand valuable.
In other major markets rhyme black, carbon black industry will each tire company - in fact, every tire factory has an estimated demand for carbon black. In some cases, the production of carbon black manufacturers and tire production car based on statistical data, using mathematical models to predict the demand for carbon black in the tire industry. As a result, the carbon black industry will be able to clearly understand the changes in the various market demands for carbon black, although these models need to change with the tire manufacturer to re-adjust.
The more carbon black industry has relied estimated future demand for carbon black letter electrical and analysis tools, the industry will be able to better achieve sustainable development based on the needs
Advent challenge: carbon black supply growth pace will go far too fast, resulting in fierce competition in the market of carbon black
With increasing demand of the domestic market for carbon black, many investors have been eyeing the carbon black industry. The carbon black industry is an oligopoly, the world's carbon black industry concentration is relatively high, Cabot, Degussa, Colombian black top three multinational accounts for about 47% of the production capacity of the world's total capacity, the world's top ten production of carbon black production capacity of enterprises accounted for 62.8 percent of the world's total capacity.
Vigilant: seeking a way to enhance enterprises development

On the one hand the development of the carbon black industry influenced by the tire industry. At present, a large part of the production of tires for export, but the future remains to be tire export prospects attention. For now, one rubber and other raw material prices, the rising cost of tire production. Second, the anti-dumping investigation ensued, and began to experience intellectual barriers in some countries to set more stringent standards on imported technology. In short, the tire exports increasing trade barriers.
On the other hand, the feedstock is a key factor in determining the level of profitability of the carbon black industry; raw oil prices directly affect the profitability of the industry. International crude oil prices continue to raise, domestic fuel shortages affect coke and coal tar processing capacity limited production factors such as the rapid expansion of domestic carbon black feedstock supply, resulting in higher cost producers.
Trends: waste tire recycling and recycling

Carbon black is the main raw material to make tire. Waste tire recycling and recycling is the trends. And till now there are 3 billion waste tires in the world, each year 1.5 billion tires may scrap. And this data is growing fast annually. Such wastes cause serious environment problem in our daily life. Solve or recycle these waste resources, that really important and supported by governments. 
Shanghai Clirik Machinery devoted to waste tire processing system for server years. The waste pyrolysis carbon black processing and grinding line is proved by many customers around the world.
Waste tire Carbon Black Processing System please check: Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Carbon Black Processing System
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