Calcium hydroxide YGM Raymond Vertical Mill

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Clirik has newly developed a calcium hydroxide milling production line and equipped the entire production line with a mill and a separator for the production operation process of mobile phones, which are now provided as follows.
Production operation of YGM calcium hydroxide Raymond Vertical Mill
Boot:Lifter into the finished product warehouse——Finished product spiral—Yufeng pulse bottom valve screw—Whirlwind finished star valve—Slag discharge screw—Classifier—Disperser—Yufeng pulse fan—Pulse controller—Fan— —Host—feeding screw
Downtime:Feeding screw——main machine—fan—dispersing machine — residual wind pulse fan — pulse controller — classifier — slag discharge spiral — cyclone finished star valve — residual wind pulse bottom valve spiral — finished spiral ——Lift into the finished product warehouse
raymond vertical mill
Cautions of calcium hydroxide YGM Raymond Vertical Mill
(1) Because the machine crushes part of the slag by means of the impact and friction between the grinding roller, the grinding ring and the abrasive, the machine runs with large vibration and noise, but the sound is uniform and there should be no abnormal sound If you find abnormal sounds or the main unit current suddenly rises but does not drop for a long time, you should stop and check immediately.
(2) The particle size of the feed should be uniform, and the speed should be appropriate. Too slow will reduce the output, too fast will block the air duct, the machine will not work, and even cause an accident. The speed of the feeding speed can be adjusted according to the rise and fall of the motor current of the host or the level of the air pressure in the pipeline. Generally speaking, the pressure change in the pipeline is more accurate and reliable according to the adjustment of the feed volume, which can make the machine fully perform Its performance and output are high, and it will not block the air duct and cause accidents.
(3) The materials entering the grinding machine should be powdery, and the speed of the disperser should be adjusted according to the raw materials.
(4) The motor of the classifier uses frequency conversion to adjust the speed of its controller knobs to obtain different speeds of the classifier. The user should select the corresponding classifier speed according to the size of the finished product. The higher the speed of the classifier, the larger the finished product size. The thinner.
(5) Check the bearings frequently. Shut down and check if the temperature rise exceeds 400C or there is abnormal noise.

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