CLUM Vertical Roller Mill

Based on nearly 20 years mill research and operation experience, CLUM vertical roller mill has been developed as the equipment for ultra fine powder grinding and separation. Its production introduces talents in ultra fine powder production and machine manufacturing industry, and absorbs the technologies and experience of ultra fine vertical roller mill from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, etc.

CLUM vertical roller mill is the specialized ultrafine grinding equipment for non-metallic ores. It suits for grinding non-flammable, non-explosive brittle materials with Moh’s hardness below 6 such as limestone, calcite, marble, talc, barite, brucite, wollastonite, pyrophyllite, dolomite, kaolin, lime, saponite, etc.

The mill takes Automatic Central Control System, widely used in paper-making, plastic, rubber, artificial stone, painting and coating industries. It is the specialized equipment for producing filler of large-scale paper-making plants and calcium carbonate for coating, and processing other large-scale ultrafine powder.

As for the working principle of CLUM vertical roller mill is motor makes grinding revolve under action of reduction gear. Materials, after being measured by belt scale, are sent to center of grinding disc by feeding screw. Because of centrifugal force, the materials would move towards the fringe of disc and then enter the grinding zone between grinding roller and disc to be ground. The materials which have been ground would keep moving toward fringe of grinding disc until they spill out of the disc. Through air inducing ring on the fringe of grinding disc, airflow sends these spilling materials to powder concentrator for classifying powders. The coarse powders which don’t meet the requirement of fineness would fall to the disc for another grinding while these qualified powders, as finished products, would be collected into dust collector and finally sent to finished product silo by conveying system for storage and packaging.

CLUM vertical roller mill

CLUM Vertical Roller Mill