Which mill is used for heavy calcium powder processing?

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Heavy calcium powder is also called heavy calcium carbonate powder. It is a white powder formed by crushing and grinding calcite. Because of its important role in many application fields, its commercial use value is very high.

Which mill equipment is better for heavy calcium powder processing?

First of all, before talking about equipment, we need to popularize a little: what are the requirements for the number of calcium powders in different application fields of heavy calcium?

1. Heavy calcium carbonate powder for rubber 400 mesh

2. Heavy calcium carbonate powder (heavy calcium powder) 400 mesh for plastic masterbatch and color masterbatch

3. Heavy calcium carbonate (heavy calcium powder) 800 mesh for paint and latex paint

4. Heavy calcium carbonate (heavy calcium powder) 800 mesh for water-based coatings

5. Heavy calcium carbonate (heavy calcium powder) 325 mesh for papermaking

6. Heavy calcium powder for construction industry (dry mortar, concrete) 325 mesh

7. Heavy calcium carbonate (heavy calcium powder) 600 mesh for fireproof ceiling

8. Heavy calcium carbonate (heavy calcium powder) 400 mesh for floor tiles

It can be seen that when we choose the mill equipment, we must find the finished product with a fineness of 325-800 mesh.

Secondly, due to the concept of environmental protection, if the milling industry wants to develop steadily, it must achieve a "win-win" environment and economy. Through transformation and upgrading, outdated production capacity will be eliminated, and economic and social benefits will be increased. Therefore, when we choose the corresponding heavy calcium powder mill equipment, we need to pay attention to whether it meets the environmental protection requirements!


1. The fineness of the finished product reaches the standard

The fineness of this ultra-fine grinding machine can be adjusted arbitrarily between 80-800 mesh to meet the diversified production needs of users.

2. Environmentally friendly production up to standard

The grinding device of the machine adopts overlapping multi-stage sealing, and there is no dust leakage during the operation; in addition, the equipped pulse dust removal device can also realize automatic dust removal, so as to meet the national dust emission standard.

3. Fewer production links

Compared with the jet mill, the jet mill must first crush the 20mm material to 100 mesh before it can be processed into superfine powder, while the superfine powder mill can directly achieve the average particle size of the feed below 20mm at one time. Ultrafine powder with particle size <6.5um.

4. Small investment and high efficiency

With the same output and fineness, this ultra-fine pulverizer system consumes only one-third of the energy consumption of a jet mill, and its price is only a quarter of that of a jet mill.

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