The 2nd World Calcium Carbonate Exchange Conference

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In the future, the transformation and upgrading of the calcium carbonate industry will be promoted, three major industrial clusters will be built for downstream processing of calcium carbonate, and the output value of calcium carbonate will exceed 35 billion.

On April 11, 2021, the 2nd 2021 World Calcium Carbonate Exchange Conference was grandly opened in Guangzhou. There were nearly 380 enterprises and institutions from more than 250 enterprises and institutions from various regions of Guangxi and calcium carbonate mines, processing plants, universities and research institutes in China. Guests participated in the event.

The Guangxi Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology Department, Investment Promotion Bureau and Laibin Municipal People's Government, together with the Calcium Magnesium Carbonate Branch of Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association, brings together 9 countries including France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and China Leaders and guests, held the 2nd World Calcium Carbonate Exchange Conference and the Guangdong-Guangxi Regional Joint Development of Guangxi Guests' Special Investment Promotion Conference, to discuss the development trend of China's calcium carbonate industry, learn new calcium carbonate technologies and equipment, and extend the business of calcium carbonate downstream for guests , Which not only broadens the mind, but also learns practical technology to help the high-quality development of China's calcium carbonate industry.

The signing ceremony for the downstream extension project of Laibin calcium carbonate industry was held simultaneously at the meeting site. A total of 7 projects were signed, and the contract amount was as high as 20.4 billion yuan.
They are:
Investment of 2 billion yuan in the demonstration base project of the Green Home Furnishing Alliance (Laibin);
Gangli (Laibin) Calcium-based New Material•Healthy Inorganic Coating Industrial Park project with an investment of 2.5 billion yuan;
Invest 5.5 billion yuan in the green calcium carbonate new material creation industrial park project;
Yindi Group Daming Mining's comprehensive utilization project with an annual output of 10 million tons of green building materials with an investment of 1.8 billion yuan;
Calcium-based new material industrial park project with an annual output of 5.6 million tons with an investment of 1 billion yuan;
Xinyu New Materials' non-metallic powder material project with an annual output of 8 million tons with an investment of 6.7 billion yuan;
Shandong Botuo high-performance mineral composite green new material project with an investment of 900 million yuan.

The industrial transformation and upgrading of calcium carbonate is bound to be inseparable from the transformation and upgrading of industrial machinery. In response to the vigorous development of the downstream processing industry of calcium carbonate, the HGM and CLUM series of micro powder grinding machines independently developed by GLIRIK will fully meet the development needs. Ultra-fine powder grinders and Ultrafine vertical powder grinding mill, including different models, can meet various output, product fineness requirements, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. CLIRIK welcomes the vigorous development of China's calcium carbonate industry.

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