Reasons for Effecting Vertical Roller Mill Lifespan

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Building material market is booming with urbanization development, and that also leads to the development of vertical roller mill. Vertical roller mill, as a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving environment protection equipment, is more and more popular with more customers and has gradually replaced traditional ball mill. In recently, there is a study proves that high quality mill and correct operation is key to prolong the service lifespan of vertical roller mill, also to increase its grinding efficiency. So, how to prolong its service lifespan?

Firstly, material hardness and content is important.

Different materials with different hardness and contents will cause different abrasions of grinding roller, grinding table, and liners, therefore, appropriate selection of material can effectively increase the service lifespan of vertical roller mill.

Second, material feeding status is also important.

Feeding evenly is an important factor to guarantee normal operation of vertical roller mill, if there is no configuration of feeding equipment for slag production line, there will be plugging material. Uneven feeding will press much pressure on grinding roller, and cause abrasion directly, thus reducing service lifespan of mill.

Finally, it is technicians’ correct operation and maintenance.

Generally speaking, if the worker do not know about the machine, it is difficult to operate and maintain it, and this will cause the low production efficiency. Therefore, there must be professional and technical personnel to operate it, to perform correct sequence. When starting it, he should first start the blower, then start the main machine.

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