Cement Industry Vertical Roller Mill Match Analysis Machine

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Analysis machines in the production process in cement vertical roller mill equipment mainly to improve the accuracy of separator equipment, helping to produce more high-quality products, but in the production process of the impeller of the component will be some damage, causing the device to work for some Analytical Engine would not be a good time to play after the election powder effect, so we must pay attention to the maintenance of the impeller, the following analysis to introduce wheel maintenance problems.

Maintenance impeller should start from the time of installation, the installation of the need to put in leaf discs and impeller blades installed, the housing at its fixed analyzer and ensure the sides of the two shafts must analyze and analyze machine shell close fit, to avoid a gap, you can add a layer of asbestos gasket seal, the installation process must be conducted in accordance with the requirements, to avoid damage caused by improper operation of the impeller, leading to analyze machine can not help standing vertical roller mill equipment to produce high quality finished product;

In the process of using the impeller should also pay attention to maintenance issues, mainly in the following considerations:

The first is to analyze the timing of confidential lubricated operation, and when the first oil change and power outages to avoid the intrusion of dust, to prevent dust pollution caused by lubricants;

The second is that the material does not meet the requirements can not be added to the internal vertical roller mill machine equipment, humidity means that the material particle size and material, as well as the feed rate must meet the production needs of the equipment;

The last point is the time to replace the bearing on the analysis machine to open the shell, followed by removing the cover, reduction gears and bearing down, if not in accordance with the requirements of the operation, then it is likely to cause damage to the impeller;

vertical roller mill equipment for the production process for the maintenance of the impeller made above in detail, in the production process, in accordance with the above requirements can reduce damage to the impeller, the analytical engine to better serve the cement vertical roller mill separator work equipment.

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