What Factors will Affect the Vertical Raymond Mill Output

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Raymond mill is one of traditional vertical grinding mill which is space saving and high efficiency. As far as the vertical Raymond mill is concerned, the characteristics of the material vertical Raymond will affect the work efficiency and output of the equipment, but what characteristics will affect the work efficiency? Clirik will analyze for everyone and see which factors should be paid attention to in general.

The first is the hardness of the material. The processing of high-hardness materials is not easy to become powder. It costs more grinding rollers and grinding rings. Such materials will affect the working efficiency of the equipment, directly affect the output, and increase the wear of the equipment and the frequency of replacing parts Will become higher.

Secondly, the water content of the material will affect the working efficiency of the equipment. The processing output of the material with high water content is low. If it is too high, it will cause the equipment to block the site. There is also the toughness of the material. Although some materials have low hardness, they are not easy to powder, which has a relatively large impact on the working efficiency of the equipment. This requires more grinding and processing for a period of time, which will affect the output.

The last is the particle size and shape of the material. The processing of materials with large particles will wear out the equipment and the output is not high. The particle size is most suitable within 5CM. The reduction of the grinding layer of powdered materials will also reduce the output. Well, the efficiency is not too high if it is too fine. Only mixtures below 3-5CM have higher grinding efficiency.

How to improve the verticla Raymond mill capacity? Clirik will share the methods next week.

vertical Raymond mill

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