Reasons of Environmental Protection Vertical Roller Mill be Popularity

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With the rapid development of science and technology, micro-powders are spreading all over the corners of our lives, and the production of micro-powders cannot be separated from the help of various vertical mills. The vertical roller mill have been put into use in the market to satisfy different industries. The demand for micro powder. For example, in the production process of power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, cement companies, and coal-fired boilers, air pollution caused by dust emissions is deeply ingrained and has always been a hot spot for government departments and all walks of life. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly vertical roller mill Applications in these industries can greatly improve their pollution levels. Now that the concept of sustainable development has taken root in the hearts of the people, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vertical roller mill is more popular.

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The reasons of why vertical roller mill is favored by most people

1. The vertical roller mill has good powder forming effect

The material is between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Due to the rolling back and forth of the grinding roller, a good grinding effect is achieved. The mesh is fine, up to 1000 meshes, and the powdering effect is good. In addition, the wearing parts of the grinding roller are made of materials with good wear resistance and have a long service life, which can also reduce the later operating costs.

2. The vertical roller mill has good environmental protection effect

Nowadays, environmental protection requirements are becoming stricter and stricter, especially for the heavy industry. Traditional vertical roller mill with low levels of backward technology are difficult to be recognized by the market. The vertical roller mill produced by Shanghai Clirik Machinery are not in internal structure. In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, a great deal of transformation has been carried out. The internal structure is reasonably matched, the dust leakage is small, and the exterior is equipped with a dust removal device, which can control dust well, has good energy saving and environmental protection effects, and has good environmental quality on the production site.

In addition, the vertical roller mill has low energy consumption and saves resources when the output and fineness are the same; the main machine transmission device is used in the production process, which is stable and reliable; the fineness is uniform and the screen is passed. High rate; simple equipment structure, compact layout, vertical structure, small footprint, open-air operation, can greatly reduce investment costs. How can a series of advantages be disliked by users and friends?

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