Slag Vertical Mill for Hard Materials Slag Grinding

The steel slag processing majority is being exploited in cement production. Traditional slag grinding process is a ball or a ball mill roller press systems, low power consumption capacity of approx. Later, with the development of technology, research and development create a vertical mill machine. Slag powder production using vertical mill is set drying grinding separator as a whole, it has a significant advantage of low power consumption and high efficiency of about, so in the fierce market competition, vertical mill will replace materials like cement tube mill gradually replaced as milling system.

slag vertical mill

Slag has small size, thin material and high liquidity, it is difficult to form a high iron content stable slag material layer grindability poor metal abrasion large, finely milled component requirements are too high and there finished agglomeration of separator requirements, vertical mill If the technology is not mature, then it is difficult to completely overcome the difficulty of slag.

Later, with the maturing of a hard material surfacing technology, the vertical mill slag grinding technology has been developed rapidly. The world's major vertical mill manufacturers have launched their own slag vertical mill and have a large number of applications in industrial production, thanks to its successful application to solve the above problems.

CLUM series slag vertical mill with a reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set drying, grinding, separator, upgrade in one. Slag grinding, so that it has a certain activity, the purpose of fully re-use, and create greater economic benefits.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery based on the characteristics of steel slag and water slag, concentrate successfully developed a special steel slag vertical mill, the steel slag mill, power plant emissions, slag, cinder achieve product fineness. Greatly improve the economic efficiency of its comprehensive utilization, it is possible to achieve full utilization of slag.