Difference Between Vertical Roller Mill and Ball Mill

Vertical roller mill and ball mill both of them can be used in many different kinds of stone powder making. However, as two common use stone powder, there are many difference between these two mills, in this article, we will mainly talk about the difference between vertical roller mill and ball mill.

1.Powder Fineness Process

As we all know that the vertical roller mill and ball mill can be used in superfine stone powder making, the powder fineness made by ball mill can be controlled between 80 mesh to 400 mesh; however the vertical roller mill process ability can be adjusted between 300 mesh to 3000 mesh, and the more finer powder fineness even can up to 6000 mesh. Generally speaking, we usually called the stone powder which more than 200 mesh as superfine powder, so the ball mill can used in both coarse and superfine powder grinding, the vertical roller mill can be used in super, superfine stone powder grinding.

2.Cover Areas Difference

Compare with the ball mill, the vertical roller mill use a vertical structure and it’s more cover area save, so the areas cost will save more. However, the ball mill usually will take a large area for powder making.

Although the ball mill and vertical roller mill has lots of similar points, however they are totally two different stone powder making machine.

Ball Mill

Brand: Clirik
Ability: can be used in both coarse and superfine powder grinding
Capacity: 100-300t/h

Vertical Roller Mill

Brand: Clirik
Model: CLUM
Ability: 300-3000 mesh superfine stone powder grinding, and the minimum powder fineness even can up to 6000 mesh
Capacity: 2.5-40t/h

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