The Basic Knowledge of Ultra Fine Mill

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In production activities of nowadays society, grinding mill has became an essential machine in our daily life and industry product. As society progresses, more and more business need ultra fine grinding machine in many areas and it has become the object of pursuit. And today,let’s talk about what role ultra fine mill is playing in social production. Ultra fine mill, also known as ultra fine powder grinding mill, is a kind of powder making machine. As a grinding equipment ,It can handle a wide variety of stone. For example, calcite,limestone,dolomite,kaolin,mica,magnesite,diatomite,gypsum,fluorite,fly ash and so on,totally more than 100 kinds of materials. It is widely used in grinding process of mining materials in metallurgy. Ultra fine grinding machine comprises a vertically arranged cylindrical housing, has a mesh to prevent the setting and grinding media pass through. The agitated bed consisting of the supply flow down the bottom of the cylindrical casing , arranged in the center axis of the cylindrical housing , and in that both a gap between the tip of each agitating blade and the inner surface of the cylindrical housing and a gap between the agitating blade of the lowermost stage and the net member are not more than 2/3 the diameter of the grinding medium at room temperature. These are the basic knowledge of ultra fine mill. If you are in need of our Ultra Fine Mill, please connect with us. We will send you details and price about Ultra Fine Mill to you.

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