Vertical Milling Machine Manufacturer in India

What is vertical milling machine ?

Vertical milling machine is based on the extensive use of advanced technology, combined with years of various raw grinding mill, vertical milling machine production experience, design and development of advanced grinding mill is  a set of crushing, drying, grinding, milling grade transport industry in one of the ideal equipment. It can be widely used in cement, power, metallurgy, chemical, non-metallic mineral industries. For the massive, granular and powdered materials ground into powder material required.
Today a customer call us and ask that "He said that I interested in our vertical milling machine,I come from india and I had know some brief information about vertical milling machine,but did not know Which are vertical milling machine frequently appear questions?"Here is our technical staff  brief answer of vertical milling machine.he said two main questions about vertical milling machine:
First Grinding roller wear body

Vertical grinding mill roll body and liner wear during use, due to the friction roller grinding pressure, the material support reaction force, the material between the liner and the roller; grind into a corner because of the material caused by the roller shear the combined effects of stress each other, roll mill hydraulic system pressure and the apparent stress, such as vertical mill forces, these forces are acting on the vertical mill grinding roller compacted area effectively.
Second Bearing chamber wear

Vertical mill grinding roller bearing assembly requirements more stringent, companies generally use a bearing on the way dry ice cooling assembly. Once a gap occurs between the bearing and the bearing chamber, it will affect the normal operation of the bearing, resulting in bearing fever.
The india customer hear this,he said:"i will open a vertical milling machine manufacturer in india,but i nees your technical staff come here and instruct my staff,and i will establish a good cooperation with Shanghai clirik machinery co., LTD,"we answer him that we will let our vertical milling machine technical sttaf make perfect Program for him and go to india instruct his staff,Shanghai clirik grinding mill plant will look forward to his arrival and friendly cooperation!