Machine Tool Distinction & Factory Professional Degree

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Many people are always confused with the machine tool, especially after stepping a large factory. Here we will introduce how to distinguish machine tool easily. At the same time, the quantity and the kinds of machine tools are an important factor to reflect the factory is professional or not and reflect the strength of factory.
Generally a machine tool is a machine for processing metal or other rigid materials to get the needed shape. And it can be divided into 5 kinds, turning machine, milling machine, planning machine, grinding machine and drilling machine.

Turning machine: use the linear motion or curve movement of workpiece and tool to change the shape and size of workblank, to conform to the requirements of the drawings
Milling machine: use a rotating circular multitool to cut metal workpiece
Planing machine: use a cutting tool to cut the workpiece
Grinding machine: rub the workpiece to make it smooth and sharp
Drilling machine: use a pyramidal object to rotate perforated on another project
Now after our brief introduction, you must be much clearer on the the machine tool. If you are still not quite understand on the machine tool. We welcome your visit to our Clirik factory. Here you can see all kinds of machine tool and specific CNC grinding machine, Computerized Simultation Test System. All these machines are for our vertical powder grinding mill, Raymond vertical mill, crushers, modifying machine, packing machine, etc. If you are interested in any of these products, pls contact us freely. Our engineer will design a practical and reasonable solution drawing according to your needs. We Clirik can not let you down!

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