TH series Bucket elevator

Introduce Of TH series Bucket elevator
TH series Bucket elevator is a part of HGM  mill equipment. It is used to elevate variety of bulk materials from lower to higher vertically. The materials are put into hopper through shaking table, then the machinery automatic continuously transport up. You can adjust transport speed according to transport volume, and choose the elevate height according the need.
Features of TH series bucket elevator:
>>High-efficiency and low power consumption
TH series Bucket elevator adopts small driving power, and the intensive-layout of Inflow type feeding, induction discharge, large capacity hopper. In the materials ascend, there is no feed back or dig material phenomenon.
>>Wide application
TH series Bucket elevator designs and manufactures Bucket Elevators to meet the needs of many industries, such as Chemical, Minerals Processing, Food, Wood Products and Wastewater Treatment.
>>The unique design
TH series Bucket elevator is custom designed for your application. Bulk material characteristics, capacity and overall height are considered when designing Bucket Elevators.
>>High safety and reliability
TH series Bucket elevator is manufactured to rigid quality standards. Clirik is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer. Every component and assembly is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen.
Model and Technical data of TH series Bucket elevator:
Model TH315 TH400 TH500 TH630
Hopper type ZH SH ZH SH ZH SH ZH SH
Transmission volume(m3/h) 35 59 58 94 73 118 114 185
Hopper capacity(L) 3.75 6 5.9 9.5 9.3 15 14.6 23.6
Hopper distance(mm) 512 688
Diameter of Round steel*pitch Φ18*64 Φ12.1*86
Single chain strength ≥320 ≥480
Unit length traction weight 25.64 26.58 31.0 31.9 41.5 44.2 49.0 52.3
Transmission shaft rev(r/min) 42.5 37.6 35.8 31.8
Largest block(mm) 35 40 50 60
Hopper speed 1.4 1.5
Remark ZH: middle deep hopper SH: deep hopper

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